Classes for Licensed Professionals

B-Groomed professional education is dedicated to opening the minds, elevating the craft, income and productivity of men’s grooming professionals. Targeted to both barbers and salon professionals alike, we are committed to using the most effective techniques to facilitate learning through leadership, exploration and hands-on courses. B-Groomed educators will excite and inspire today’s men’s grooming experts and lead the industry in advanced professional education.


Deborah Novick


Foundations of Men’s Grooming

Pro Education Ballroom 10:15am – 11:45am

Designed for salon professionals Deborah has designed a course specifically to answer fundamental questions about barbering and men’s grooming services in the salon. Deborah will share protocols on how to add value to your men’s haircuts, beard trims and shape up’s, as well as talk about tools, tool-maintenance, products and more! Watch Deborah and her partner explain the details of barbering, demo protocols and services in a way that only a true barber-stylist could explain.



Elijah Mack


The Barber’s Truth

Pro Education Ballroom 12pm – 1:45pm

A barber educator, man of the people and surfer by passion, Elijah Mack brings the most exciting and pragmatic class to B-Groomed Education! Deft in both scissor and clipper work, Elijah delivers model demos and approachable methodology to even the most discerning and experienced barbers and stylists. He will lead you through his no-nonsense approach to men’s haircutting that will have you on the edge of your seat, laughing out loud, inspiring your next haircut and leave you totally wanting more!


Dave Diggs


The Team Approach

Pro Education Ballroom 2pm – 3:30pm 

From the author of How to be a $100k Barber, comes the incomparable Dave Diggs showcasing his team of barbers from San Jose’s The Barbers Inc.. Watch them elevate and inspire with a diverse set of haircuts. In this segment Dave will discuss classic and new-era techniques on multi-textured hair, as well as results driven approaches to achieving the most in-demand looks. You’ve heard his inspirational story, now come see him and The Barbers Inc. team in action!



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