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Deborah Novick


Deborah Novick began her career as a hairstylist, barber and men’s grooming aficionado over 25 years ago. She has a background in all aspects of classic hairdressing and color, as well as classic barbering. Her unique perspective as a barber-stylist has allowed her to present mens grooming education on Main Stage, as well as showcasing with Her Chair His Hair, supporting female barbers worldwide. Having worked in both salons and barbershops both nationally and internationally the past 25+ years, Deborah has a broad sample of experiences to draw inspiration from. She has worked tirelessly as an educator and curriculum developer for haircare brands such as Milbon USA, Kerastase and currently is an educator for Baxter of California. Deborah has also been an in-house barber and educator for famous SoHo hair powerhouses such as DopDop Salon and Broome Street Society, NYC where she currently hangs her hat.

“It is my mission to bring a new perspective of teaching and facilitation to the world of men’s grooming. To always expand how we can generate discussion and learning moments in our classrooms and workshops. For me, B-Groomed teaching is never really about telling people what something is, it’s about the participant discovering the how and the why for themselves. Proud to be both a cosmetologist and a barber, I’m well aware of the knowledge gap that exists between the two trades. B-Groomed Education embraces everyone who wants to know more, be inspired and do better at mens grooming.!”

Deborah Novick

Elijah Mack


A charismatic artist known for his eclectic, free spirited and pragmatic approach to the craft, Elijah Mack is redefining what it means to be a barber.

A minimalist, Mack conveys technical information in a clear, concise manner easily understandable to both barbers and stylists alike. His approach will help you redefine your men’s hair cutting skills and give you a foundation witch which to create your own magic. From world-renowned adventure athlete to elementary school chess club coach, to acclaimed platform artist, Elijah refuses to be put in a box. Elijah’s unique lifestyle sets the tone for his one of a kind Approach to haircutting and teaching.

“What compelled me most to bring The Barber’s Truth to these groundbreaking events was the fact that B-Groomed’s mission, is to provide the highest level of core technical education available in the industry. In spite of the current trend that sees events and brands selecting educators based on their number of social media followers, the B-Groomed education team believes that quality over hype is what barbers and stylists really want and truly need. This pragmatic approach to education is exactly in line with how I feel, how I’ve built my career, and what I believe will always be in demand. For those of you who cut behind the chair everyday, this event is for you. This event is for those of us who believe our craft is built behind the chair, not behind a lens.”

Elijah Mack

Dave Diggs


Dave Diggs is a barber on the International Education & Style Team for Andis clipper company and the owner of The Barbers Inc Barbershop. His multi racial background has made it natural for him to understand, relate to and execute styles and hair trends for all ethnicities. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose, CA), Diggs hair industry endeavors have taken him internationally. He is the author of Social Media Strategies For Barbers And Stylists, producer of the award winning documentary The Barbershop Diaries, producer of the 4 part barbering educational DVD series #Faded Barbering Instructional Series, producer of the Interview with an Icon series, and creator of the iPhone and Android app Dave Diggs Barber Academy.


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